Since the time man found the way to express with words, and evolved enough to understand others' words, speech; in its presence or absence, has played an important role in the development and shaping of human society.

Speech has always been seen with the power to bring one closer to a person or the effect to take a person away from one.

Speech played such an important role in human society that people grouped themselves on the basis of their language, their ideas as expressed in their speech, and their interests as they were passed on verbally.

Speech in human history has become the biggest unifying or dividing factor and to a great extent an instrument for change.

Speech is the only human faculty by which a human being has found a compelling way to influence another human being particularly with speech's power on emotions and its ability to touch the ego. Speech has become the universal common medium for exchange of thoughts, ideas, feelings, demands and desires.

Speech is a facility that can be employed by a human to connect with any other human being. Speech gives identity to the self, and speech at its collective best at the macro level has given birth to the best system of governance and attempt for social order known to mankind called democracy.

The hallmark of democracy is, that differences between human beings are seen through spoken words and at the same time unity between people is also achieved through speech, and all human weaknesses, failings, strengths and divinity are expressed through speech.

The most superior human ability speech, manifests itself in a democratic society as a healthy debate between right thinking individuals.

To imagine a vibrant society without healthy debates is like imagining a glorious symphony without sound.

India, the biggest democracy in the world is proud of the fact that a country of one billion, with nations within the Nation- where landscape, culture and language change every hundred kilometers, has still remained united as One, only through the biggest interaction of politically expressed differences, by way of debates in this living democracy.

The soul of India is its democracy and the heartbeat must be the debates as heard from the by lanes to the parliament, that give hope for every citizen to be heard and his ideas represented.

Verbattle is just a small contribution towards making the future of the Indian democracy, better and stronger and the political and social debates more qualitative and meaningful. Preparing the youth of today for the debates of the future, can only strengthen everyone's hope for a better society of tomorrow and a greater nation for all of us.

Verbattle though a competition, with fun and competitive spirit, has a subtle purpose to attempt to awaken the superior human spirit in the youth it attempts to reach. Verbattle of today is an instrument of tomorrow.

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