Verbattle Beginner

Verbattle Beginner 2019-20 Finals on 09.03.2020

Mehak B & Aiyman Ahmed Winning Team Vidyashilp Academy
Shalaka Bharath Solur & Manishka Mouvery Finalist Team Vidyashilp Academy
Stuti Pachisia & Fateh Singh Guron Finalist Team Vidyashilp Academy

2019 Verbattle Beginner

About Verbattle Karnataka

Verbattle is different from other debates. There are three teams, and sides are chosen by chance. Oftentimes there can be two teams for the statement and one against, or it is possible for one team to be for the statement and two against it. The teams are given little time to prepare for their one-minute round. Four to five rounds follow, with an opportunity for audience questions. Judges are also given the chance to ask questions.