Verbattle believes in your child's ability to learn. Verbattle has worked with thousands of children till date and has achieved great results. In a Verbattle class, children have been able to learn effortlessly and in an unforgettable manner. Verbattle deals with the available faculties in a child and ensures that the child does not have to be forced to learn or respond in any activity. The techniques in the class work by engaging the natural learning abilities and provide an environment for benefiting from the resources available to the sate the needs of survival and achievement. Verbattle's techniques of co-operative learning, collective engagement, logical understanding, mutual support and natural learning help the participants to learn and understand more than in any other learning environment. Verbattle also uses fun activites such as games drama and indoor sports to achieve skills like decision making, creative thinking, analytical understanding and also positive behaviour like team work, democratic leadership and productive initiatives. Verbattle ensures learning without the effort of learning. This helps many children who have learner's fatigue to disconnect the stress of learning from the activity. Most children in the Academy would not even know that they are learning till they are asked to do self-evaluation. The absence of the undertone of learning and the compulsion to deliver can help more children to engage themselves positively in activities in a Verbattle class. The Academy enables a child's personality development along with improvement of the child's role in social development. The emphasis of communication skills, logical thinking, social skills, positive attitude, learning and retention skills and leadership skills can result in the overall positive development in the child. The Verbattle Academy functions as a centre for complementary and essential learning and skill development aiming at a 360 degree emotional, intellectual and functional development of the child.

  • The Focus

  •  Speaking Skills
  •  Language Skills
  •  Voice Improvement
  •  Reading Skills
  •  Memory
  •  Narration and Presentation
  •  Self Analysis
  •  Self Improvement
  •  Interaction
  • The Focus

  •  Social Behaviour
  •  Story Telling
  •  Debate
  •  Drama
  •  Democratic Attitude Development
  •  Democratic Practices
  •  Tolerance Building
  •  Interpersonal Understanding and Communication
  •  Social Skills
  • The Focus

  •  Street Skills
  •  Survival Skills
  •  Group Discussion
  •  Decision Making
  •  Convincing Skills
  •  Winning Skills
  •  Self Development
  •  Self Improvement
  •  People skills

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The aim of the Academy is to achieve the following objectives