Responding to the request of international teams to make the Verbattle format a little long-winded with more activity, so that an international team can stay on longer in the competition before elimination; having travelled a long distance, Verbattle has put together a redeveloped international format to be called hereafter ‘The Verbattle International League’

In this improvised format, in the Clamber Round, each team will compete in nine debates with different opponents in each debate. Never an opponent team is repeated in any debate, unless there is a shortage of teams to execute this. In case of shortage of teams, those teams scoring the lowest will be made to repeat in some debates. The top scorers in each league will be selected to the next round of the competition to select the top 81 teams for the next level of 27 debates. From there on the format will fall back to the regular Verbattle Competitive Format.

This will enable the international teams to compete over three days , before they are either selected or eliminated.

This format will be tested and put into effect in the first International Competition to be held in 2017 in Bangalore, India.