Junior 2019

Important Notice: If a team fails to participate in any level after qualifying for that level and if Verbattle is not provided any convincing reason in advance, the said team and the concerned institution will be banned from participation in all Verbattle events in the future. This is applicable from the 1st August, 2019.
The age and the class combined qualifying clause has to be strictly adhered to. If, by chance, any team or team member is found to be in violation of this clause the same team or the team consisting of the member will be disqualified at any level.Change of Mentor or the team member after registration is not encouraged or accepted at any cost. Any team member changed after participation in the first round/selection level/Clamber will be considered a serious violation of the conduct rules of Verbattle competitions and will attract immediate disqualification and lead up to the permanent banning of the school concerned from all future competitions.