Dear Madam / Sir,

I am sure you agree that it is not just sufficient that we reap the benefits of democracy, but we also need to cherish it and promote it, in order to have a better and peaceful future.

What better way to promote the spirit and values of democracy than by getting children and youth to experience the great gifts of democracy such as freedom of speech, expression of dissent, power to everyone and possibility of change? The best way a child or a youth experiences democracy is in his freedom to debate, to question and to debate any issue – to peacefully resolve conflicts and to have the possibility of winning over even the opponents.

Debate is a pillar of democracy, and creating an atmosphere conducive for healthy debates would be the responsibility of every person who knows the value of democracy. This is exactly what Verbattle has been doing for the past ten years. Offering an opportunity to children and youth, an experience with the tenets of democracy, coupled with developing responsibility in public conduct. A debate is not just a verbal duel but also is a display of intelligence, knowledge, mutual respect, patience, respecting dissent and learning.

When someone debates by following the rules, he or she definitely becomes tolerant, responsible and accountable. Debate is not for the irresponsible. Debate is about not just standing up for and defending what you have to say but also about being open to be educated and to change.In this way Verbattle has been contributing to democracy, responsible public conduct and a future that is based on civic values.

Verbattle was established in 2005. This year is the tenth year of competitions. Verbattle with its internationally acclaimed unique debate format is now active in many parts of India and also in Canada, Central Europe and Hongkong. Verbattle was reconstituted as a registered non-profit organization and is now Verbattle Foundation from 2013. Verbattle has till date got more than ten thousand school and college students to debate in a responsible and admirable manner, giving hope for the future.

Verbattle’s activities are expansive and also expensive. Verbattle survives on funds generated out of its activities, sponsorships and donations. Verbattle aims to reach more students through its activities and leadership programs and wants to increase its activities worldwide. For this Verbattle needs support..

We know that you, as a responsible and active member of the society, have been supporting initiatives to try and make the world better for us and our children. We do know that you have supported many causes and initiatives that have a definite plan to improve the way human beings think and act. Verbattle shares your values. We would be much obliged if you could support Verbattle, either by making a donation or by contributing in any other way you find possible. (Verbattle Foundation has 80G exemption approval)

Please write to us at or call on +91 9886464641 if you would like to support Verbattle. Let us make the world better, together. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and best regards,
Deepak Thimaya
Managing Trustee
Verbattle Foundation