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Rounds Start date End date
Orientation 24-03-2022 24-03-2022
Trial debates 28-03-2022 28-03-2022
Skirmish 1 29-03-2022 31-03-2022
Skirmish 2 01-04-2022 04-04-2022
Skirmish 3 05-04-2022 07-04-2022
Combat (2) 08-04-2022 09-04-2022
Confrontation 11-04-2022 11-04-2022
Face Off 12-04-2022 12-04-2022

1. Fill in registration form signed by parents

2. Soft copy of Student ID Proof from institution

3. Soft copy of latest passport size photo

4. Details of Registration payment of Rs.750/- made (soft copy of Payment report, reference no. etc )

5. Participation fee can be paid
to the bank details given below : Name : Verbattle
Bank : Bank of Baroda
Account No : 07640200003423
Type : Current account
Branch : Bank of Baroda, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bengaluru
MICR Code : 560012010


6. All above details to be submitted to respective institutions. Institution to consolidate and submit registration of total participants to

7. Registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstances. Please refer last page of registration form for event rules.

8. Detailed instructions will be conveyed to the registered students before the Competition.

Topics for Speech Competition 2023 JUNIOR - Finals

1) Good people should join politics.

2) Facebook is an outdated social media platform.

3) Macroeconomics does not affect the financial situation of poor people.

4) Gender is a non-issue for a child in a modern school.

5) Climate change is mostly a problem of the developed world.

6) A welfare state is the most acceptable concept of governance.

7) Work from home has made the home a messy place.

8) Trolling is a part of a person's public life.

9) Lying cannot be considered a sin.

10) The Indian thought is about the individual and not about the society.

11) Movie stars fail as activists.

12) Religion should be restricted to adults.

13) Indian regional languages may start dying out in the next two decades.

14) The IT sector is not a socially positive industry.

15) Present day journalism is all entertainment.

16) Large scale urbanization destroys a Nation.


1) The success of Chandrayaan-3 is necessary to boost the morale of Indians.

2)Too much politics is detrimental to India.

3) The Theory of Evolution is a flawed theory.

4) A modern child is anything but innocent.

5) Children can question the values of their parents that they don't agree with.

6) Every child need not be ambitious.

7) India's international status has improved during recent times.

8) It is wonderful to be lonely.

9) Too much entertainment makes a person uninteresting.

10) A friend in need is a friend indeed.

11) Cleanliness is next to godliness.

12) Blood donation is the best donation.

13) Schooling is more important for developing social skills in children.

14) Earning at a young age makes one lose respect for money.

15) Hard work is not only for smart people.

16 ) Wisdom is greater than knowledge.

17) Poverty is not as big a problem as it is made out to be.

18) TV content is no longer educational.

19) Books can be a person's best friend.

20) History does not teach anything positive.

Topics for Speech Competition 2023 JUNIOR:

1) If you are a human being, you are also a good actor.

2) In a way, Philosophy and Science are sisters.

3) Indian culture does not promote individualism.

4) Intelligent people are becoming an unorganized caste.

5)India's economy is half imagination and half fact.

6) Any kind of love is generally just imagination.

7) Mass media is mostly becoming a mischief machine.

8) Children should not be forced to wear gender-specific clothing.

9) Rajnikanth is the greatest entertainer India has seen till now.

10) Children should be consulted by the family while making important decisions.

11) One has the right to live one's life by one's choice.

12) Intelligence has done more harm than good to humanity.

13) It is not easy for India to become an economic superpower.

14) India mostly has only media heroes.

15) Universal good is a utopian concept.

16) Religion will not have much influence on the youth of tomorrow.

17) Indian men generally lack a sense of beauty.

18) It is better that movie stars should stick to only acting.

19) Politicians should be restricted from investing in news media companies.

20) Not every human being is capable of kindness.

21) Different standards of education in one country are worse than the caste system.

22) We Indians lack the courage to face the truths of history.

23) The current political parties will not have a place in India's foreseeable future.

24) Colonizing the Moon is an impractical idea.

25) Classical literature is not for an ordinary mind.

26) Judges should be protected from public scrutiny.

27) Ideally, a litre of milk should cost Rs. 50/-.

28) Exams are an unscientific method to test a student's academic competence.

29) Women, in general, are not suited for corrupt practices.

30) The Uniform Civil Code is detrimental to diversity.

Institutions participated

Sl.No. Institution Name
1 DPS North, Bengaluru
2 Royale Concorde International School, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru
3 Sherwood High School, Bengaluru
4 Sri Venu Central School, Srinivasapura, Kolar
5 DPS East, Bengaluru
6 Oakridge International School, Bengaluru
7 Sri Kumaran Public School (ICSE), Benagluru
8 Christa Jyothi School, Arkalgud, Hassan
9 National Public School Gottigere, Bengaluru
10 National Public School, Koramangala, Bengaluru
11 St.Paul's School, Bengaluru
12 Vidyashilp Academy, Bengaluru
13 RVS International, Khannur, Dharwad
14 Little Flower Public School, Bengaluru
15 HMR international school, Bengaluru
16 Deens Academy, Gunjur, Bengaluru
17 Freedom international school, Bengaluru


Shri Kondajji Basappa Auditorium
Campus - The Bharat Scouts and Guides Karnatak,
Karnataka State Head Quarter,
Shanthi Gruha, 39, Palace Road,
Racecourse, Gandhi Nagar,
Karnataka 560001
The Bharat Scouts and Guides Karnataka
Ph: 080 2226 0017


1. Serious friendship is a waste of time in the present day world.

2. Most laws favour women.

3. Male teachers are better than female teachers.

4. Morals should be separated from religion.

5. Power corrupts more than money.

6. Dependence on technology will be a thing of the past in the future.

7. Youth has caused economic slowdown all over the world.

8. Respect cannot be demanded or enforced.

9. Love is not an emotion.

10. Scientists are fundamentalists of a different kind.

11. Protest is an integral part of democracy.

12. There is no cure for racism.

13. Democracy does not foster merit.

14. Poor people are more generous.

15. There is more fiction than fact in Astronomy.

16. Money is the most wonderful human invention.

17. Equality of men and women is just a civilizational aspiration.

18. Emotional people make better leaders.


1. People in general love to hate.

2. Silence is golden.

3. Arrogance blinds intelligence.

4. Teachers cannot be blamed for a student’s conduct.

5. You can gain respect with good English.

6. Science is nothing without math.

7. Movie actors should not be taken seriously.

8. There is no absolute good in this world.

9. Jealousy helps a person to grow.

10. Scientific temperament in a person has nothing to do with the person’s education.

11. Cynicism is more regressive than jealousy.

12. You need to have some guilt to do good for society.

13. TV has made young people disregard values.

14. Taller people are taken more seriously.

15. Mahatma Gandhi will always be a global saint.

16. Texting is better than speaking.

17. Present day youth have a poor sense of money.

18. Majority of young people are talkers and not doers.

19. A person cannot be considered humane just because he/she loves animals.

20. History is a burden on the psyche.

21. Men should wear makeup.

22. The society of the future will be more conservative.

23. Greed is the cause of all problems.

24. Nationalism is the cause for most wars.

25. Fame is an intrusion.

26 Social Media corrupts human judgment.

27. This is the age of self-importance.

28. Poetry is no more mainstream literature.

29. Social media should be a subject in school.

30. Fundamentalism has little to do with religion.

31. More the intelligence, more the stupidity.

32. A friend who does not help financially is not a friend.

33. Those who don’t dream are practical.

34. Self-glorification is an ironical manifestation of self-pity.

35. Science is superior to truth.

36. False humility is more dangerous than arrogance.

37. Forcing a child to learn math is a crime.

38. Elon Musk is only a celebrated dream.

39. Honesty is the worst policy in business.

40. If you don't like science, then you are regressive.

41. Liars are creative people.

42. Many skills are better than one big talent.

43. Patriotism is a romantic idea.

44. Artists have become craftsmen in an era of technology.

45. It is impossible to regulate social media.

46. Hate is more powerful than love.


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