Schools participating in Verbattle National Online Debate Competition 2020-21 - Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore - DAV Public School, Chennai - Chrysalis High, Varthur, Bangalore - Sharnbasveshwar Residential Public School, Gulbarga - Amity International School, Gurugram - Presidency School, Bangalore - Chrysalis High, Yelahanka, Bangalore - Chrysalis High, Bannerghatta, Bangalore - Rotary Central School, Moodbidri - Manipal School, Mangaluru - Essar International School, Surat - St. Theresa School, Mangaluru - Sunbeam English School, Varanasi - Christ Academy, Bangalore - Lawrence High School, Bangalore - DPS East, Bangalore -DPS Bangalore North - DPS Bangalore South - DPS Bangalore Electronics City, Bangalore - SBOA, Chennai Due to impending disruptions expected as part of the resurgence of the Covid Pandemic and the ensuing logistical challenges, we are constrained to postpone the next part of the Verbattle National Online Debate Competition 2021. If things improve before the end of April, in all probability the competition will be restarted from the 3rd of May onwards. However the marks obtained by the teams in the first Skirmish will be announced by 6pm on 21st April. The rest of the protocols will remain as announced. Hope everyone understands and cooperates with Verbattle in these extraordinary and stressful times.If anyone needs any clarification, they may call the helpline - 9886464641 PLEASE NOTE THE FINAL REVISED CALENDAR IN THE REGISTRATION PAGE

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Activities and Programs of Verbattle

Verbattle aims to make students responsible and aware with democratic values of tolerance and inclusiveness. Debate is used as a medium to encourage students to become rational, reasonable and logical. Verbattle believes that these values and skills are extremely important in making the students competitive in the global scene of the future.

Debate Competitions

Verbattle is mainly into organizing debate competitions. The competitions are organized with various prevalent and popular international formats. Verbattle also promotes its own unique and tested format which has achieved a lot of positive results in participants.

The Debate Competitions are held at different levels - School/ College - City - Zonal - State - Regional - National

Verbattle also conducts international competitions. Such competitions are conducted in association with its partner organizations in Europe.

International Partnership Programs

Verbattle has partnered with like-minded international debate promotion organizations in Europe and in the US. Vebatttle has conducted competitions and training programs in partnership with these organizations. Verbattle works on a franchise model in Europe to reach schools and universities in the continent.

Debate Coaching and Training Programs

Verbattle conducts debate specific programs for teachers and students. These programs are aimed at developing a culture of debate with a larger interest to help students and teachers imbibe democratic values. Debate coaching and training is done in the premises of the institution or at a central place where participants take part and benefit.

Debate coaching emphasizes on

Debate Formats, Best Debate Practices, Stage Manners, Speaking Skills, Public Speaking, Logical Thinking, Argumentation and Rhetoric.

Debate in Classroom

Debate is being promoted as a tool for teaching and learning in a classroom. Verbattle has been training teachers in using debate and the Verbattle format to explore Enquiry and Experience based collective learning in classrooms. Verbattle's workshops for teachers give insights to teachers about how to employ debate and logic in a classroom environment to achieve effortless and involved learning. Verbattle also offers certificate courses for teachers in Debate in Education.

Workshops - 1 to 3 days for teachers from various schools.

Certificate programs - 6 month programs with about 20 hours of classes each month with a lot of practical sessions.

Verbattle Speech and Debate Lab

The Lab is organized at school for interested students during school hours or after school. This Lab can be organized in colleges too. The Lab focuses on

Speech, Debate, Logic, Thinking Skills, Decision Making, Argumentation, Persuasion, Rhetoric, Democratic Leadership and Social Skills.

The Lab is conducted with one session per week and can be organized for a period of 8 to 10 months. A certificate is issued to the participant in the end.

Holiday Camps

These camps are called 'Verbattle Debate and Leadership Camps' organized during Summer Holidays and other long school holidays. Children in the age group of 8 to 16 years attend these camps. The camps are held in an independent location where interested children come, enroll and participate. The culmination of the camp is a day of performance in front of parents and also recording of testimonials along with issuing of certificates.

Verbattle Leadership Training Program

This program is available for school and college students. The program is organized as a workshop or a certificate course. The program emphasises on developing democratic leadership along with General Communication Skills, Logical Thinking, Public Speaking, Decision Making, Personality Development, Thinking Skills, Presentation Skills, Persuasion, Rhetoric, Organizing Skills and Social Skills.


Verbattle conducts numerous workshops for school and college students and teachers. The workshops are of different durations. They can be a one day workshop to a weeklong workshop. The workshops are on topics such as

  1. Debate in the Classroom.
  2. Debate as an experience of Democracy.
  3. Logic and its importance in thinking, speaking and writing.
  4. Decision Making.
  5. Argumentation and Systematic Debate


These are designed at sensitizing interested audience in various to topics such as

  1. History of logic in India and the culture of debate.
  2. Democratic thinking, attitude and values.
  3. Civil Society and its importance.
  4. Rights of Citizens and a citizen's role in a society.