We invite Registrations for a) Verbattle Junior Plus National 2022 Online Debate Competition from Schools and b) Verbattle Senior National 2022 Online Debate Competition from Colleges across India. The first ever Teachers Verbattle has its winners announced. Team Lakshita Rai & Jasmeeth Kaur from Delhi Public School - North emerged winners, closely contested by team Shreyoshi Dutta & Priyanka Prakashan of Gopalan International School and team Deepaa J Ramaiyahh & N.Shubha Managala of Vidyashilp Academy as finalist teams. The first ever Verbattle Speech Competition has its winners. Ms.Grishma P.S of Delhi Public School - South has bagged the first prize with Anoop B.V. of Anantha Vidyanikethana and Sanjana Nayak of Delhi Public School - South securing second and third prizes.

what is debate?

A debate is an activity between two or more individuals placed in two or more parallel or opposing sides to provoke one another to think and to speak for the purpose of creating more knowledge, discovering truth and to come to decisions.

A debate is a way to find more sides to an issue, with the express purpose of establishing that any human thought or understanding is not absolute. A debate happens so there is learning; about how much you know, how much others know and how much each can learn from the other.

Debate also is a way to discover that knowledge is unlimited and nobody knows it all. It is also to develop better perspectives and to understand things in a 360 degree manner by looking at all sides and not discounting any side before claiming to have a better understanding of the subject.


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