Shreya and Tanushri of KLE Society's English Medium School, Haveri were declared the WINNERS of Verbattle Kannada Junior 2021 Online Debate Competition. Poornachandra Hegde and Medhini Kiran Bhat of Chandana English Medium School, Sirsi AND Skanda KM and Shriya NB of Mitra Academy, Bengaluru were declared the two Finalist Teams at the Face-Off of this Competition.Medha Kulkarni and Gayathri Menon of Christ (Deemed to be) University, Bengaluru were declared the WINNERS of Verbattle Senior 2019-20 Online Debate Competition. P Soujanya and V N Mridula Raghunandan of Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru AND Lavanya S and Maanyaa Anand of Christ Academy Institute of Law, Bengaluru were declared the two Finalist Teams at the Face-Off of the Competition.Divi Chauhan and Ira Jain of Manipal School, Mangaluru were declared the WINNERS of Verbattle National Online Debate Competition 2020-21. Tushar A D Rao and Aditya Sharath M of Presidency School, Bengaluru AND Gauri Mishra and Ritisha Roy of Amity International School, Gurugram were declared the two Finalist Teams at the Face-Off of the Competition.


Verbattle is the largest, most exciting and unique debate and dialogue platform. Its fundamental purpose is to facilitate thought and opinion exchange in addition to its primary goal of promoting democratic values in the society. Verbattle, as a recognized debate competition is well known nationally and internationally.

Verbattle essentially employs language, logic, democratic values and competitive thinking to effectively conduct its activities in an impacting manner. Verbattle aims to make the children and youth in India and around the world logical in thinking, democratic in approach and civil in behavior.

Verbattle, established in 2005, began with a state-level competition in Karnataka. Till date, Verbattle has conducted over 40 large scale debate competitions across India and Europe. Verbattle started South India-level competitions with ‘Verbattle South’ in 2012. It has today grown as India’s biggest professional debating organization.

Verbattle Foundation is an international not-for-profit organization with partners in the United States of America ,the European Union , India and Canada .Verbattle is a registered trademark owned by Verbattle Foundation. All donations to the Verbattle Foundation are exempt from tax under Section 80G in India.

verbattle foundation

Verbattle Foundation is a professional global debate education and promotion organization. Verbattle was born out of the need to make our society; democratic in approach, responsible in thinking and accountable in action, in addition to emphasis on civilized behaviour. Verbattle has been working with various sections of the society to achieve this objective. Verbattle has concentrated its work on children and youth with the hope that these sections of the society can give better and earlier results. Verbattle has achieved much of its objective with the tremendous response it has received for its activities and programs, especially the Verbattle Debate Competition.

Verbattle Foundation, is an international non-profit organization with partners in the United States of America, the European Union, India and Canada. Verbattle is a registered trademark owned by Verbattle Foundation. All donations to Verbattle Foundation are tax exempt under section 80G in India.

Verbattle Foundation has been set up to instil qualities of tolerance and understanding in the society, with its sublime goal to work as an effective tool for conflict resolution.

Verbattle organises one of the biggest intellectual activities as a knowledge sport, for children and youth, through its unique and internationally-acclaimed debate format.

  • Verbattle is primarily into

  • Debate promotion
  • Debate training
  • Competitive thinking and learning
  • Communication and Leadership training
  • Promotion of civic and democratic values
  • Promotion of inclusiveness in the society Our
  • Development and promotion of logical thinking
  • Helping young people learn better decision making skills
  • Helping young people learn better decision making skills

    Verbattle works towards encouraging children, young people & educators to

  • Be tolerant,Respect dissent
  • Make better decisions,Be humane and civil
  • Develop social responsibility
  • Develop a culture of responsible debating
  • Develop rationality and logical thinking
  • Believe in inclusiveness in thought and approach
  • Accept diverse perspectives and opinions
  • Respect and practice democratic values
  • Become responsible and accountable


In addition to conducting Verbattle Debating Championships/Competitions in its unique and internationally acclaimed debate format, the other initiatives include debate and leadership training projects, school and university debate clubs, student and teacher training projects and workshops, forums, conferences, capacity building projects and supporting activities to promote the spirit and values of democracy.


Verbattle is about personal strength, team work, spirit of camaraderie, standing for one's beliefs, espousing the virtues of a democratic way of life along with imbibing qualities of tolerance, brotherhood and goodness on a platform that also brings out scholastic eminence.

Verbattle believes that children and youth should be made to realize the importance of peaceful ways of solving conflict and dealing with dissent. Verbattle aims to make children more understanding, tolerant and have an inclusive and positive attitude. Verbattle aims at creating good citizens and better leaders of tomorrow.

As an ultimate goal, Verbattle would be involved in the spread of democracy throughout the world for the establishment of vibrant and practical democratic processes and systems in all aspects of private and public functions.


Over the past 13 years, Verbattle has conducted numerous large scale debate competitions for school and college students. Verbattle has also held numerous training programs for children and college students to build self-awareness, confidence, and leadership qualities in them. Verbattle has consistently promoted the values of democracy among children and youth and also has conducted various activities to drive the message home. Verbattle has conducted many teacher training programs and also contact programs with parents and other members of the society.

Verbattle has brought some of the best minds in society to interact with students in order to create awareness in them and also to sensitize them about public life and democratic systems and processes.