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Develop social responsibility, increase tolerance, inclusiveness and brotherhood in society


Foster rational and logical thinking and enhance communication and language skills


Promote democracy and democratic values to ensure a peaceful future for all

  • Deepak Thimaya Founder

    Deepak Thimaya is the founder of Verbattle. He has a background of media, teaching, arts, business and communication. He is a graduate from Mysore University and has been working in media and related fields for close to two decades now. Verbattle is one of the activities he is involved with. He strongly believes in democratic systems and strengthening the values of civil and open society in children and youth. His favourite quote is - when words are muted, weapons start speaking.

  • Vinayaka Ramakrishna Chief Operating Officer

    Vinayaka Ramakrishna is the Chief Operating Officer of Verbattle, incharge of all the activities and functions of Verbattle. He comes with a rich experience in business and training in the audio visual medium. He is a film maker and also a tv presenter himself. His steadfast belief in the spirit and conduct of Verbattle has helped the organisation to grow and flourish with his constant efforts.

Verbattle Karnataka 2015

The biggest debate competition in India

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