Medha Kulkarni and Gayathri Menon of Christ (Deemed to be) University, Bengaluru were declared the WINNERS of Verbattle Senior 2019-20 Online Debate Competition. P Soujanya and V N Mridula Raghunandan of Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru AND Lavanya S and Maanyaa Anand of Christ Academy Institute of Law, Bengaluru were declared the two Finalist Teams at the Face-Off of the Competition.Divi Chauhan and Ira Jain of Manipal School, Mangaluru were declared the WINNERS of Verbattle National Online Debate Competition 2020-21. Tushar A D Rao and Aditya Sharath M of Presidency School, Bengaluru AND Gauri Mishra and Ritisha Roy of Amity International School, Gurugram were declared the two Finalist Teams at the Face-Off of the Competition.



Registration fee individual event

Rs 1000/-


Kannada fee to be revised

Rs 500/-

2019 Verbattle Karnataka

About Verbattle Karnataka

Verbattle is different from other debates. There are three teams, and sides are chosen by chance. Oftentimes there can be two teams for the statement and one against, or it is possible for one team to be for the statement and two against it. The teams are given little time to prepare for their one-minute round. Four to five rounds follow, with an opportunity for audience questions. Judges and mentors are also given the chance to ask questions. If the participants are under sixteen, mentors are allowed on the stage. Judgment of the teams is laid out under Judging Verbattle


Winners Mehak B Ayman Ahmed Vidyashilp Academy , Bangalore
Finalist 1 Shalaka Bharath Solur Manishka Mouvery Vidyashilp Academy , Bangalore
Finalist 2 Stuti Pachisia Fateh Singh Guron Vidyashilp Academy , Bangalore


Winners Neelchandan Patil Koushal Kedari Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Hubli
Finalist 1 Sara Jain Naisha R Kotecha DPS South, Bangalore
Finalist 2 Dhanush D Prabhu G Rithvik Lawrence High School ICSE, Bangalore


Winners Siri Narasimha Hegde Vaishnavi Raghavendra Hegde Chandana Public School, Belgaum
Finalist 1 N.Chetana Pallavi S ITI Central School, Bangalore
Finalist 2 Keerthi Abeestitha Samskrithi Banavar Chitrakoota School
Date Region Activity
03-07-2019 Bengaluru Beginner - Clamber
04-07-2019 Bengaluru Beginner - Skirmish
05-07-2019 Bengaluru Beginner - Combat
08-07-2019 Mangalore Junior and kannada
09-07-2019 Mangalore Senior
10-07-2019 Davangere Kannada and Junior
11-07-2019 Hubli Kannada, Junior and Senior
12-07-2019 Belgaum Kannada, Junior and Senior
16-07-2019 Mysore Kannada, Junior and Senior
18-07-2019 Bengaluru Senior Zonal
20-07-2019 Bengaluru Kannada Zonal
22-07-2019 Bengaluru Junior Zonal
23-07-2019 Bengaluru Junior Zonal
24-07-2019 Bengaluru Senior Skirmish
25-07-2019 Bengaluru Kannada Skirmish
26-07-2019 Bengaluru Kannada Skirmish and Combat
29-07-2019 Bengaluru Junior Skirmish
30-07-2019 Bengaluru Junior Skirmish / Senior Combat
31-07-2019 Bengaluru Junior Combat / Kannada Confrontation
01-08-2019 Bengaluru Kannada Face Off / Beginner Confrontation / Senior Confrontation / Junior Confrontation
02-08-2019 Bengaluru August Beginner Faceoff / Senior Face off / Junior Face off